Mikael Fare – Sculptor

Born 1951 in Stockholm.

Sculptor Mikael Fare started his artistic path in the 70s, as a Modeler (clay – terrakotta – bronze).

In 1985, he was commissioned by the County of Stockholm, to make a sculpture in wood, to be placed in the entry of  Sachska Childrens Hospital. That was the beginning of a countinued love for wood, all kinds of wood, ”as long as it is dry”.

Mikael Fares strenght is his sensibility of the consistency of colour and configuration.

In his reliefs, his nuanced, clear expression, and sense for the importance of light, becomes obvious.

The  annual winner of the literary August-price in Sweden, is awarded a sculpture made by Mikael Fare, in bronze, picturing August Strindberg.

Numerous solo- and group-exhibitions, as well as public art decorations.